The People

We want you to feel invested in this museum. We are forming a well dedicated and passionate staff and board. It will take everyone's participation to make this, our first museum, successful. This community has a rich history and we will tell the world about it. Our museum will be a safe, eco-friendly, shared space where knowledge will flow for all. We want Grand Rapids African American Museum & Archives to endure for years and need your help to make that possible. We will be contacting you soon for ways you might serve. Request our newsletter "GRAAMA's Voice" at  for more information.

Grand Rapids African American Museum & Archives

Front photos....All born, raised, or resided in Grand Rapids

Ted Rasberry, DeBarge, Marvin Sapp, Roy Wilkins, Helen Claytor, Catherine Barrow-Williams, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Lyman Parks Sr. with President G.R.Ford, Al Green, Col. Faite Mack Sr...Inner photos Little Wolf Blues Band : Grand Day Artists

Hours are 12:00 noon til 5:00 p m  Tuesday- Saturday .  We have special event hours please call 616 540-2943 for more information

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Oral history, in African culture, was performed by the griots or storytellers. They kept the history and traditions of the family, the tribe and the nation but was generally a masculine job. When the Africans were brought to the Americas, that duty shifted to our womanfolk and in recent times that person was a grandmother, granny, nana, grandma or GRAAMA. Our acronym describes much about our mission and where we are focused: telling those shared stories of the people from this community.

"Always listen to your GRAAMA"

"Throughout history the powers of individual Black people flash like falling stars, and die sometimes before the world has‚Äč rightly gauged their brightness"

W.E.B. DuBois