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Express your appreciation for the Grand Rapids African American Museum & Archives (GRAAMA) and support the wide range of activities of West Michigan's premiere museum dedicated to sharing the experience of Americans of African ancestry. Several ways of supporting us are to donate a material gift or make a financial contribution towards the purchase of a significant collection piece.


History begins with you.


Not only through the artifacts, photos, and other collections donated by you, but also your generous financial donations which allows the museum to continue its mission as keepers and stewards of our community's rich history. Please consider giving to GRAAMA as we work to provide exciting events and programs, culture and entertainment, creating a sense of community and equally important, training the next stewards of history.



GRAAMA welcomes the donation of antiques and collectibles that might be used in current or future exhibits. GRAAMA seeks materials that will help share the tremendous legacy of African Americans in Grand Rapids and we welcome the opportunity to speak with you about any artifacts you may wish to donate. Please fill out the contact form on the right and include a brief description of the items you want to donate. Our Collections Committee will be happy to discuss your potential donation and set up an appointment with you.

As a privately funded nonprofit institution, GRAAMA must rely on the generosity of its friends and supporters to meet the enormous cost of providing programs and services, year-round, to hundreds of thousands of local, national, and international visitors.

We invite you to champion the Grand Rapids African American & Archives’ mission to deliver inspiring exhibits for all ages. Tax-deductible contributions from philanthropists like you support everything we do. A gift of any amount is deeply appreciated and will assist in transforming lives through history.

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