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An exhibition — that is, the act of displaying something — is recognized an essential function of GRAAMA's communication, which also includes strategies for education and learning. From this point of view exhibitions are a fundamental feature of museums, in so far as these prove themselves to be excellent places for sensory perception such as presenting objects to impact attendees' visual perception. These showcases of memorabilia and artifacts are meant to serve as demonstrative proof of historical events,  people, and things. 

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1967 Grand Rapids Riot, photo courtesy of GR Press


GRAAMA introduces and promotes local, state, national and international artists'  solo or one-man shows. These various collections of artworks include paintings, oil on canvas, acrylic paintings, watercolors, ink drawings, other types of drawings, sculpture and wooden carvings, fabric, and the like. Besides spotlighting an artist's work, galleries can also display private properties that are funded by individuals or organizations. 

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Paul Collins artwork, "Underground Railroad"


Centrally located in the heart of downtown, GRAAMA has been the ideal setting for unique and memorable event experiences. The museum offers a wide range of lectures, concerts, readings, performances, symposia, films, workshops, and more throughout the year!

Most events are open to the public and free, but there are, from time to time, special events GRAAMA hosts which may require the purchase of tickets.

Christopher Paul Curtis, author of "Bud, Not Buddy"
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